About Us

AMR & Associates Pty Ltd is a specialist project management company providing project and contract management services to a range of Australian clients.

We were established by our Managing Director Ben Amrom in 2004, and since this time we have developed a reputation for delivering quality project management services.

AMR specialises in providing project and contract management services to government agencies, private and public organisations in the following sectors:

AMR is focused on providing project management services from initial conception and evaluation, through to project completion and handover. We have the project expertise, technical knowledge, people and experience to deliver the highest quality service for each of our clients, tailored to their specific needs.

AMR is a government-approved Project Management Service Provider and is currently a member of the Department of Finance (Building Management & Works) Project Management & Asset Planning Services Panel. AMR is also an accredited Project Management and Contract Management Service Provider on the Public Transport Authority Panel, and carries Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.